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About Us

Established in 2012, We are an LS and LT Platform Specialty Shop with a full in house automotive Machine shop, SF902s Engine Dyno and Dynocom DC5000 Chassis Dyno.  We have some of the best staff in the industry with respected professional from NASCAR, Indy Car and F1 Programs. 

We do everything from Cylinder head porting and reworking to full Engine builds to General Service, maintenance and prep for Corvettes and other LS/LT powered vehicles.

We take Great pride in our Craft, the way we treat our customers and our customers vehicle.  We operate on the Golden Rule (Treat others the way you would want a loved family member treated in the same situation). 

Appointment Policy

 American Heritage  Performance is Strictly by appointment only. We do not see or service  drive up or stop by customers. All visits, regardless of reason, to  American Heritage Performance must be scheduled and approved by American  Heritage Performance management prior to arrival. An appointment can be  made by calling us at 310-326-2399, by emailing us via the "Contact Us"  portion of the website, and/or by emailing us at:  HP@americanheritageperformance.com

Return Policy

 Returns must be made  within 15 days upon receipt and require a "Return Merchandise  Authorization" or "RMA" number. To obtain an RMA number, contact  customer service at 310-326-2399 or email us at parts@americanheritageperformance.com

Returned items are  subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. In order for products to be eligible  for return or exchange, they must be received in proper condition. The  customer is responsible for ensuring proper packaging to maintain the  condition of the parts when returning them. Any parts received in  damaged condition will not be eligible for return and will be returned  to the customer at their expense.

All items considered for return must be in new non used condition and unopened packaging.


 No cancellations on  custom Built to Order products (All Cylinder Heads and Engines are  Custom Built to Order products). Once an order is placed for a Custom  Build to Order Product, all sales are final.

20% cancellation fee  on all orders canceled before shipping out (Does not apply to non  cancelable Custom Built to Order products).


 All orders are fully insured, track able and shipped via FedEx or United States Postal service unless otherwise stated. 

Cylinder Head Core Disclaimer

All core return  cylinder heads must be fully assembled and in good re workable  condition. We will not accept damaged heads as core returns. Damage can  apply to cylinder head castings and/or cylinder head hardware.

We will only accept  stock GM non-reworked cylinder heads as cores. We do not accept any  previously reworked cylinder heads as cores.

The stock GM  titanium intake valves have a hardness coating on them from the factory.  This hardness coating is required to be 100% intact in order for the  titanium intake valves to be re workable and accepted as core returns.  If the titanium valve coating is damaged in any way, the valves will not  be accepted as returns and the core return amount due to the customer  will be deducted $110 per damaged intake valve.

Note: Once we receive core return heads, they take 5-15 business days to  process (tear down and inspect) before the paperwork goes back to the  office and the appropriate core return credit can be issued back to the  customer. Once the core return credit is issued back to the customer's  CC, it can take 2-5 business days for the core return amount to re  appear on your CC (time it takes depends on customer's bank).

Notes for Sending in of Cylinder Heads to be Re-Worked

Cylinder Head must be fully assembled with valves and springs installed.

Remove rocker arms (unless also sending them in to be reworked) & rocker arm bolts.

Remove intake valve lash caps (you will need to reinstall these once you receive your reworked heads back).

Remove spark plugs.

Remove coolant temperature sensor.

Remove brackets and bolts from rear of cylinder heads.

Remove coolant  block-off caps & block-off cap bolts at rear of cylinder heads (if  equipped... Many LS7 heads have rivets installed in these holes from the  factory vs having the coolant block-off caps and bolts.


American Heritage  Performance  is not responsible for any above listed parts that were not  removed from the heads that should have been (as per listed above)  prior to sending in cylinder heads.


 AHP offers a 3%  paying by Cash (not check or money order, green cash only) discount to  our in-house customers (vehicles being serviced at our shop and/or parts  being picked up at our shop).

AHP no longer offers any other form of discount other than above mentioned to anyone other than AHP Dealers.

For additional information or to become an AHP Dealer, contact us @ HP@americanheritageperformance.com

Parts not Provided by AHP

American Heritage  Performance is not responsible for failures of parts provided by  customers and full labor will be charged, plus any additional applicable  diagnostic fees and/or labor charge for removal, repair (if  applicable)/replacement and installation of said defective customer  provided part at the customer's expense.

Please note that  this means if you provide parts that are incorrect, damaged, and/or  defective, you may be charged labor at our full shop rate of $165 per  hour plus any applicable fees, etc...

Engine Warranty

American Heritage  Performance warrants its in house built Engines to be free from defects  in workmanship and/or material for a period of 3 months or 12,000 miles.  This only applies to AHP Engines installed and tuned in-house by AHP or  30 days for engines not installed and tuned in-house at American  Heritage Performance.

Warranty excludes but is not limited to:

- Failure due to over-rev and or user error (abuse, misuse, or negligence resulting in damage)

- Failure due to over heating

- Racing/Track use (private or sanctioned)

- Improper tune or failure due to detonation

- Improper break-in

- Electronics failure

- Oil starvation and/or improper lubricant/oil

- Damage due to ingestion of foreign objects

- Damage due to vehicle accident

Vehicle Service Warranty

 American Heritage  Performance guarantees all parts and services provided to be free from  defects in workmanship and material for a period of 3 months or 12,000  miles. This only applies to parts supplied and installed by American  Heritage Performance. We offer no warranty in any way on customer  provided parts and associated service to install said customer provided  parts.

Warranty excludes but is not limited to:

- Racing/Track use (private or sanctioned)

- Parts failure of non AHP provided part

- Electronics failure

- Failure of non AHP manufactured parts

- Damage or failure due to failure of other components or vehicle accident

- User error (abuse, misuse, or negligence resulting in damage)

- Failure due to overheating

- Failure due to detonation

- Pre-existing conditions

Cylinder Head Guarantee

 American Heritage Performance guarantees that its in-house build  cylinder heads to be free from defects in workmanship and material at  the time of customer receipt of cylinder heads and/or first startup of  vehicle 

Vehicle and Parts Storage

 American Heritage  Performance does not store vehicles and/or parts for jobs that we are  not actively working on and/or jobs that have been completed. American  Heritage Performance offers no form of long-term vehicle storage and/or  parts storage to anyone for any reason.

Vehicles not picked  up after completion of work without proper and timely notification by  the customer will be assesed no less than a $35 per day storage fee.

Parts removed from  vehicles not picked up within 48 hours of vehicle leaving the shop  and/or being picked up by the customer will be property of American  Heritage Performance.

American Heritage  Performance is not responsible for any parts not picked up after 48  hours. Any exceptions to the above will need to be in full written form  with American Heritage Performance LLC's board members signature  present. No other exception will be made for any reason.

Privacy Policy

 Your privacy is of  great importance to us. By using our services, you are providing limited  personal data to us. We only use and retain this personal data provided  directly by you or by which it is clear that it has been supplied to us  to be processed. Your privacy is of great importance to us, therefore,  we process your personal data with the utmost care and in compliance  with United States law. We will not provide any personal data to third  parties without your permission. This privacy statement was last amended  on the 29th of November 2017.